Cleo Kickstarter


„What is the most important part of a story?“

Cleo is a 14 year old cynical girl, living a repetitive life with her father in a bar. She knows everything about the epic adventures of pirate legend Captain Cabeca, but in her everyday life, she is just surrounded by boring fishermen and unsuccessful pirates, hanging around at the counter.
But when Cleo finds a strange pirate-logbook and sees a ghost, who gives her a mysterious hint, her boring life is about to get turned upside down. She is thrown into a dangerous adventure and finds herself in a world of lies, deceive, greed and bad breath - the world of pirates - and most of them are looking for the same thing:



Hi, I’m Chris.
I am a self-employed media designer from Germany. “Cleo” is my very first attempt to develop a game. The only experiences I have are some small flash games I made, when I was about 15 years old. Now I am twice as old and my interest in game development hasn’t vanished since. So I decided to give it a shot and started to write down the first story ideas for “Cleo” in 2019. Since then, I’ve learned the game engine Unity with various online tutorials on Skillshare, Udemy and Youtube. I grew up with gaming in the 90’s and I especially loved weird adventure games like Sam & Max, Day Of The Tentacle and Monkey Island. So I wanted to bring the charm, innocence, humor and weirdness of those old gaming days into my own game. I am working on this project alone, so I am creating the artworks, animations, coding, music and most of the sound effects all by myself.

For everyone, who loves the charm and innocence of the old gaming days - for everyone, who chooses wacky dialogues and clunky pixel art animation over multiplayer-raytraced-weatherdynamiced-branching-endings - for everyone, who is still wondering what „Big Whoop“ really is, or knows a guy, who sells fine leather jackets… I am making this game for you! And I promise you: I will do everything I can, to make Cleo a game you will love for what it is: A small, simple game project, by a guy, who put his heart into it.